Elementary Math — create your own self-grading math exercises. From addition to division.
  Addition — learning carrying with adding 2 digits over 2 digits
  Multiplcation2 — learning multiplication 2 digits over 2 digits
  Multiplication32 — learning multiplication 3 digits over 2 digits

US Presidents -- Washington through Tyler
My Language Coach
50 words per chapter, around 20 chapters per course
  French I: Invitation au Français (with audio)
  French II: Invitation au Français (with audio)
  Spanish I: Invitación al Español (with audio)
  Spanish II: Invitación al Español (with audio)
  German I: Einladung zum Deutschen (with audio)
  Invitación al Francés Para el Estudiente Español
Online Language School
25 words per chapter, 86 chapters per course, 4 different  quizzing methods, plus a game for each chapter.
  French (with audio)
  Spanish (with audio)
  German (with audio)
Shorter classes
  A Short Course in Hebrew
  Beginning Indonesian
  Beginning Korean
  Beginning Swahili

Books of the Bible
  Books of the Old Testament
  Books of the New Testament

Other Educational Resources
My online library. Currently holding 1,767 book and 1,193 short stories by 289 authors.

Our unique Study Guide format is used for all but the Math sections. You'll be given a word or phrase and asked to select the proper answer. At first you may not know the answer, just select any answer and the the correct answer will be displayed. Continue to answer or guess at answers and eventually you'll see a question repeated that you remember from the earlier. As you answer it correctly it's removed from the list of questions. Eventually you'll work your way through all of the questions. By repeating a chapter until you get all the questions right the first time (100%), you'll learn all of the answers. It doesn't take as long as you might think. The format was tested on some college students by having them learn the books of the Old Testament. It took them each about 20 minutes to memorize the list.



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