The US Presidents

This is an HTML/PHP version of Hubbard C. Goodrich's excellent US Presidents curriculum. It contains the original text and quizzes from the DOS versions with a few minor spelling and other historical changes, usually due to more recent Presidents being included in what were previously lone categories (i.e. Andrew Johnson is no longer the only President to be impeached, and Abigail Adams is no longer the only woman to be the wife and mother of a President.)

When you select a President you will be taken to a short but thorough biography of that President. Read it, then proceed to the quiz (the link will be at the bottom of the Bio page). You will be asked a series of questions about the material you just read. If you get the question right you'll proceed to the next question. If you get it wrong you'll be shown the section of the Bio the answer is in, to reread, then proceed to the next question, but . . . the question you got wrong will be inserted back into the list of questions for you to answer again later.  This method has proven to be extremely effective in learning material of this sort.